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Did you know that the number one cause of non-fatal injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms are unintentional falls? In a report published by the Centers for Disease Control, more than 9 million people turn up each year in emergency rooms across the country seeking treatment for injuries due to falling.

For individuals between the ages of 1 and 44, unintentional injury is the leading cause of death, before homicide, suicide and disease!

A seemingly innocent fall can very quickly turn into a life threatening brain injury. If you slip and fall, particularly if you bump your head, you should seek medical treatment immediately even if you feel okay right afterward. It is not uncommon for people who fall and hit their heads to be perfectly lucid just after, maybe even laughing and joking. Those same people, within hours, may suddenly become disoriented and start complaining of headaches. By then, it could be too late.

A fall can occur just about anywhere at any time. You don’t have to be engaged in adventure sports like so many of the famous people who have hit their heads while skiing and died. You could just being going through the routine of your day when you slip on some spilled juice in the grocery store that someone forgot to clean up, or you could trip on an unrepaired crack in the sidewalk in front of your apartment building, or you could trip over a piece of torn carpet in the hallway of your office complex.

Regardless of what causes your fall and how badly you think you may or may not be injured, always take the incident seriously and seek medical treatment. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligent or intentional acts, you may be entitled to compensation. Please, seek the advice of an experienced, knowledgeable attorney before you speak with a representative of the insurance company.